1. Passing Tide

  2. Council Sport
    Big Scout

  3. Abstract Oils / Barcelona

  4. Violet French and The Horrible
    Violet French and The Horrible

  5. Dispeller
    Ben Woods

  6. On An Unhistoric Night
    Best Bets

  7. Other Ways of Living
    Local Tourist

  8. This Is Not An Island Anymore
    Die! Die! Die!

  9. 10 Apocalyptic Classics
    Uncle Quentin

  10. Fuck the Noise / Fantasy Fiction

  11. Selph Titled ('21 accidental reissue)
    X-Ray Charles

  12. Peppermint Slice
    Sabine Wojnar

  13. 720p
    Zero Cool

  14. Wack Job
    Music Sucks

  15. Naïve

  16. This Issue
    Salad Boys

  17. Famous For God
    Uncle Quentin

  18. PUT
    Ben Woods

  19. Shortwave/Flux Pentaphile (10th Anniversary)

  20. The A-Team
    Terror Of The Deep

  21. Family Portrait EP
    Kool Aid

  22. Silver Screen Guitar
    The Opawa 45s

  23. Life Under The Big Top
    Best Bets

  24. Sickest Smashes From Arson City: Legacy Edition

  25. Canine Rising
    The Hex Waves

  26. The Day After The Night Before
    The Situations

  27. Stately and Befrothed
    Wurld Series

  28. We Are Sonic Art
    The Trendees

  29. Air Goofy
    Wurld Series

  30. The Winebox Inquiry Sets Sail!
    The Winebox Inquiry

  31. Lifetime Of Secretion
    The Dance Asthmatics

  32. Drone Attacks Deluxe

  33. Hamlet
    Opposite Sex

  34. Seasick, Lovedrunk
    Civil Union

  35. Oxide
    Invisible Threads

  36. Turning Red

  37. Cassingles Series Issue 2

  38. Cuppa Jarra Brossa

  39. Rough As Guts
    Tim Moore

  40. Emotion Is Cringey
    Centre Negative

  41. Wurld Series / Jim Nothing Split

  42. Cassingles Series Issue 1

  43. Space Epic
    Terror Of The Deep

  44. Noise Island

  45. The Winebox Inquiry
    The Winebox Inquiry

  46. Meat Prize
    Team Ugly

  47. Fully Charged
    Seth Africa

  48. Difficult Listening
    Thrill Collins

  49. Screaming In Tongues
    Team Ugly

  50. Lunch Songs/Pool Food
    Wurld Series

  51. Sickest Smashes Live! at Cassette Nine

  52. Pepsi Max
    The Dance Asthmatics

  53. Selph Titled
    X-Ray Charles

  54. Welcome to Mediocrity

  55. '83 Girls
    '83 Girls

  56. Sickest Smashes from Arson City

  57. Weird Hybrid
    X-Ray Charles

  58. Salad Boys
    Salad Boys

  59. A Love That's Noise

  60. Live at All Plastics
    Thrill Collins


Melted Ice Cream Christchurch, New Zealand

Melted Ice Cream is a record label and music collective based in and around Christchurch, New Zealand.

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